Twin Flames - Approaching that story as a journalist

No. It isn't what you think. The Twin Flame isn't the romanticized gallant [or damsel] that some [and I repeat, some - not all] new-age spiritualists have been pushing out as 'soulmate' propaganda, mostly to either to sell their services or cajole themselves into believing that they have seen the white light of true love.

It is really mostly a centre of infinite spiritual energy that each of us has within ourselves. It is YOU. It is LOVE. It is the cosmos. It is nature. It is the universe. It is your divine purpose. Granted, it is not a very common experience, although it does sometimes strike a few unsuspecting individuals like a bolt of lightning. In rare cases, it may also be tied to another living being breathing the same air as you do. That said, it's really a dimension of consciousness. It's a perspective. It's a deeply personal experience. It is one and all. Being in a 'twin flame' state of mind is really about reawakening to your true self. It's about finding the love within. It's about loving yourself.

The Twin Flame' dynamic has directly made an impact on my contributions as a journalist, editor and writer. How? By intuitively guiding me to be the best version of myself in a way that serves the highest good of all involved. I am now hoping to share some aspects of this experience with all of you, to the best extent that I can, for no words can really do justice to the state of being that the Twin Flame dimension of consciousness gives you. That said, I have attempted to touch upon the essence of such an experience in my ongoing novel, 'TWIN FLAME', which has drawn interest from a top publisher - ahead of HarperCollins' release of my London-based thriller, 'VICTIMS FOR SALE', formerly titled 'FALLING BRIDGES.'

'TWIN FLAME' is a Trans-Atlantic saga of spiritual awakening, enduring love, unyielding compromise and indomitable courage in the face of immense adversity. I will soon be on a partially sponsored book tour in the UK and the European mainland to get my hands dirty on this one - yes, you got it. Fieldwork, research, interviews, area surveys and more! I don't write children's books or fantasy fiction. I write and edit news. And I write fiction for adults. That means that any fiction novel I'm writing needs to be as realistic and feasible as that contentious mega-merger between two warring energy giants that I have reported in the newsrooms. As dramatic as a private equity investor [who is ironically also a lender] pulling the plug on its unsuspecting protege: a fast-growing renewables broking firm, who unfortunately went bust on the heels of that catastrophe. And as dramatic as a lavish dinner where two impressionable board members of a top energy company changed their minds in favour of a merger [which eventually collapsed anyway], much to their CEO's disappointment. These are all realistic developments I have reported on and covered over the years.

I had followed a similar approach to my upcoming novel, 'VICTIMS FOR SALE' whose protagonist is a BBC journalist attempting to expose a crime ring, Panorama-style. Wearing my 'journalist's hat, while researching for this London-based thriller, involved going so far as to ensuring that London's Blackfriars bridge did in fact have a median, which I could reference as part of an important hit-and-run car crash scene in my novel.

For my ongoing novel, TWIN FLAME, my approach will be similar and as thorough. I am on a partially sponsored book tour across the European mainland. Said excursions will involve studying the architecture and layout of a German refugee shelter, which burned down during the Lichtenhagen-Rostock riots, two decades ago. My tour will end in the UK, where I will be picking the brains of atomic spectroscopy-focused professors, egyptologists and more. I will be live-blogging my travel experiences while on the road.

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You can also check out 'BOND OF TWIN FLAMES', my new suite of creatives in relation to the novel that I'm off on a book tour for.

Last, but not least, I know several hard-core financial newsroom editors who are writing their own novels. Many of them are from top newsrooms across London and New York. My advice is for you to follow your heart and apply your newsroom learnings and skills to your craft as a novelist? Why? Because fiction is more like an oil painting and journalism is like a photograph. But, if you want your painting to be photorealistic [David Gerard-style], you may need to apply your photography skills to get the texture and lighting right in your artwork. Journalism and fiction are no different from that analogy.

How did I realize this? From my own editors at S&P Global, whose active contributions to my evolution as a writer and my reverence to storytelling as a craft have been invaluable. For various reasons, I am not in a position to name my editors there or my patron at S&P, who actually catalyzed some of my best work as a journalist. But, I hope to thank them, one day.