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Published by HarperCollins (2018)

During BBC journalist Sandy’s first night in London as a paying guest with the Sawants, she woke up to a woman with a knife … and a dark secret.

It is only after Sandy launches a sting operation on a residential facility that she joins the dots between an institute acting as a front for a sinister nexus and the odd family she lives with. It isn't long before Sandy finds herself running for her life and chasing the truth up a trail of brutal murders. She must expose the predators and step up to the deranged kingpin of a thriving sex racket. Before time runs out.

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Sherry, an Indo-Pak Math prodigy, who stumbles upon a painting, yearns for the boy in the picture to spring to life. That wish comes true in the form of Shaddy, an orphaned Austrian writer. But, intergenerational trauma, turbulent childhoods and the entry of a lawyer compound the drama between the two. They must each embark on an esoteric journey, if life is to give them one final chance.

Weaving through eclectic textures from industrial Karachi and post-war Germany to upscale London and contemporary New York, Twin Flame is a timeless saga of spiritual awakening, enduring love, unyielding compromise and indomitable courage in the face of immense adversity as Sherry and Shaddy try to find their way back to each other. 

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In a log cabin in Virginia, a bipolar woman contemplates suicide when she believes her husband no longer desires her.

In the Oval Office, a father is concerned about his daughter's well being amid his responsibilities as Commander-in-Chief. 

A philandering politician is bribed with a vacation in the Bahamas as a ruse to buy shares in a U.S. company that is snapping up a majority stake in a Russian oil bellwether embroiled in a corruption scandal. 

A fired news editor in New York struggles to recoup her failing marriage and sanity as she continues her investigation into the backroom multi-billion dollar deal that terminated her career. 

In Moscow, a so-called business magnate seeks to get hold of classified information from the U.S. 

The actions of these characters intertwine with bizarre synchronicity as a newsroom scoop takes on a life of its own. White House officials must find the only person who seems to have the key to a wealth of information that could prevent the downfall of the U.S. government

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Natasha "Nat" Gideon ditches an unstable career on Wall Street and arrives in New Delhi at a time of political uncertainty, economic insecurity and patriarchy-driven misogyny.

Known as the Ice Queen of an ad-mad era, Amrik Suri is one of the most powerful image icons and the head of Asia-Pacific at an affiliate of Paris-based Lumière Groupe.

The two women meet after Nat is hired as an Associate Director at the agency. What follows is a power struggle, which leaves a trail of destruction in its wake - all the way from security threats at the British government to the shake-up of a mega-merger between two of the world's largest advertising conglomerates. Can Nat save herself before it's too late?

Meandering seamlessly from the grandeur of Manhattan’s skyscrapers to the brash exuberance of New Delhi, Bitch on Wheels unveils the story of a young American woman’s courage in a foreign land and the underlying insecurities of a high-powered media tycoon in her race to the corner office - amid a new political party’s unexpected rise, a changing national government, and an ecosystem governed by corruption, nepotism and recurring instances of injustice to the everyday working woman in middle-class India.


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