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A life of anguish and self-doubt followed four-year-old Sehrish "Sherry" Kasal’s near-death experience. Fifteen years later, in London’s Heathrow, Sherry would be thrown into a dimension that catapults her to the all-encompassing love she had felt up there in the ethers. She would meet her twin flame. 

After Shaardul "Shaddy" Haas comes into her life, Sherry is motivated to resume work on a half-developed scientific research model she had abandoned as a child. Yet, the two are wrenched apart by circumstances, which also put paid to Sherry's research dreams. Sherry spins from one disaster to another before landing in Manhattan, where she scrambles to pick up the vestiges of her research dream and come to terms with a realization that she has been living a lie.

Weaving through eclectic textures from industrial Karachi and post-war Germany to upscale London and contemporary New York, Twin Flame is a timeless saga of spiritual awakening, enduring love, unyielding compromise and indomitable courage in the face of immense adversity as Sherry and Shaddy try to find their way back to each other. 

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Natasha "Nat" Gideon ditches an unstable career on Wall Street and arrives in New Delhi at a time of political uncertainty, economic insecurity and patriarchy-driven misogyny.

Known as the Ice Queen of an ad-mad era, Amrik Suri is one of the most powerful image icons and the head of Asia-Pacific at an affiliate of Paris-based Lumière Groupe.

The two women meet after Nat is hired as an Associate Director at the agency. What follows is a power struggle, which leaves a trail of destruction in its wake - all the way from security threats at the British government to the shake-up of a mega-merger between two of the world's largest advertising conglomerates. Can Nat save herself before it's too late?

Meandering seamlessly from the grandeur of Manhattan’s skyscrapers to the brash exuberance of New Delhi, Bitch on Wheels unveils the story of a young woman’s courage in a foreign land and the underlying insecurities of a high-powered media tycoon in her race to the corner office - amid a new political party’s unexpected rise, a changing national government, and an ecosystem governed by corruption, nepotism and recurring instances of injustice to the everyday working woman in middle-class India.

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With two Ivy-League Master's degrees under her belt, a reporter of many years landed a role as an editor in one of New York's best financial newsrooms. Yet, she was told she wasn't good at her job. She began doubting her instincts as a scribe until she unraveled a series of developments in the lead-up to a multi-billion dollar deal between a global buyout firm and an infamous Brazilian oil bellwether - one that could have serious political consequences. She believed her scoop would not only expose the truth but also fetch her recognition at work. Instead, her scathing revelations spewed out an onslaught of controversies, which terminated her career. As she struggled to recoup her failing marriage and sanity, she became a target for multiple goons and intelligence officials. Meanwhile, her scoop took on a life of its own. Capitol Hill officials would eventually realize that she was the only person with the key to a wealth of information that could prevent the downfall of the U.S. government.


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