On a book tour across Europe for my ongoing novel, 'Twin Flame.'

 I will be on tour to research for my ongoing book, 'Twin Flame', which has drawn potential interest from Penguin Random House. I am truly blessed to be able to reveal that part of this tour trip is being sponsored by a benefactor, who has chosen to repose his faith in me as a writer, even before the release of my first novel, 'VICTIMS FOR SALE.'

I will be traveling through Amsterdam, Belgium, Prague, Berlin and Rostock, starting latter half of August. My tour will end in London. 

I will most likely be live blogging during my tour, unveiling my experiences researching for a book, which is a Trans-Atlantic love saga that alternates between historical and contemporary backdrops, meandering through varied textures all the way from postwar Germany to upscale New York and starry Sweden.  

I'm so excited and I can't wait to share my experiences with you. Watch out for more in this space!

Much love, N