An editor at The Wall Street Journal. [2017]

A Deputy Editor at a weekly television industry trade magazine, which is an affiliate of NewBay Media [2017]

"Nish is smart. Driven. And has a great energy for news. I'm always motivated to make sure people like her find a place in this building."

"Nischinta is a gifted writer who has made significant contributions to both journalism and creative writing. In both realms, she has a knack for digging out the most compelling and unique story, and telling it with great passion and skill. I see tremendous potential for her to evolve as an established novelist/ author who will reach audiences far and wide with her writings."

Managing Director of a top investment management firm [New York. 2017]

"In my opinion, Nish is one of the best journalists that I have met.  Clearly, Nish is an outstanding writer.  She is very good at asking questions, listening to the answer, and quickly grasping the key issue(s) of the story.  I think her approach is a perfect combination of [getting] to the bottom of an issue while remaining respectful and professional. Nish is a really interesting person with many different talents who would be a valuable addition to [any] team."

Director at S&P Global [New York. 2017]

"I have always found my interactions with Nish to be pleasurable and her broad knowledge of the capital markets and energy industry to be refreshing. Nish has proven to be insightful and in my view has a good eye for writing stories of high interest to the public and other industry constituents – characteristics that would serve her ... well as editor.  I also think her integrity and approachability shines through, and she could serve as a strong mentor for the reporters in her care.  She'd be a great asset to [any newsroom] and make it a better place to work."

David Burton, Tax Partner and Renewable Energy Group Head at Mayer Brown LLP [New York. 2015]

"Nish is an experienced and skilled journalist and editor. She has developed a particular expertise regarding the US energy markets and financing opportunities therein. She appears to have the ability to learn technical areas easily."

Mike Obel, Senior Assignment Editor at Fox News. [New York. 2013]

"Nischinta was a reliable, competent and diligent journalist while at IB Times. She produced a brilliant and memorable analysis of U.S. sovereign debt that accounted for the off-budget obligations facing the federal government."

A UK Trade & Investment official referring to a successful Op-ed placement for a British Govt. policy official while an Associate Director at MSLGROUP. [London. 2013]

"[Nish] actually turned this in 3 days as compared to 30 days as earlier suggested by the agency. A good teamwork WORKS. Commendable job, Nish."

Associate Director, KPMG [2012]

"[Nish] is a tremendously gifted business writer. The work she has done for the Advisory Today journal, and the brilliant analysis and reporting through the articles and interviews she has done during her tenure here bear testimony to her craft. She is an intelligent and multi-faceted young woman who is innovative in thinking, cogent in her ability to connect with diverse people and collaborative in her approach to analyzing, reporting on and writing about complex corporate and business issues."

Senior Manager at a Commonwealth affiliate [London. 2010]

"[Nischinta] had prepared and written excellent papers for our World Health Organization medical card programme and the United Nations. She had proved herself to be an outstanding young person. She is a confident, very mature person, who is extremely business-focused and has a warm endearing character, which made her a very popular team member during her time with us. We have all missed Nischinta’s vibrancy and good nature. On a personal note, I feel privileged to have met such a special person, for whom I am proud and grateful to have become a friend of."

Founder & Director of a privately-held pan-European film production company [London. 2010]

"Nish understands the finer distinctions of statistical analyses and social research – things that came to light when she ... handled various academic advisory sessions for some of my clients, many of whom have been happy with the quality of her deliverables."

A BBC Worldwide/BBC Global News Insights Manager [London. 2007]

"Nish is a very ambitious and passionate individual with the power to inspire! I am very impressed by what she has achieved so far in her life and career and I am certain that she will accomplish many more great things in the future."