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Speaker, Algonkian NYC Writers' Conferences, New York - Crime, Suspense and Thrillers Genre

  • Ripley Grier Studios 520 8th Avenue [16th Floor] New York, NY, 10018 United States (map)

The New York Pitch Conference, hosted by Algonkian NYC, is one of the top writers’ conferences in North America and the top one in the East Coast. I am extremely privileged to have been invited to speak at this forum, addressing diverse groups of writers and authors. At this conference, I will not only be sharing my journey as a bestselling author, but will also be speaking about the art of capturing a publisher’s attention in an industry increasingly being governed by digitally driven transitions and vicissitudes. The focal points of my discussion will involve the following aspects:

(i) The art of writing a successful pitch note for your [fiction] novel

(ii) The processes involved in publishing your fiction work

(iii) A realistic scenario of the challenges faced by authors [particularly fiction authors] who seek to explore different genres

The New York Pitch Conference successfully assists and promotes aspiring authors writing in the genres of upmarket and literary fiction, general fiction, serious and light women's fiction, historical fiction, military fiction, mystery/thriller and detective, historical romance, paranormal romance, all forms of adult fantasy/SF, young adult and middle grade fantasy/SF, as well as memoir and narrative nonfiction.

Attendees work closely in a relaxed small-group environment with conference professionals and are provided with the skills and knowledge necessary to stand a realistic chance of success in today's tough novel market. Algonkin NYC works directly with publishers from major houses [HarperCollins, Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster, to mention a few) who are the decision-makers, as opposed to literary agents who petition the decision-makers. 

My speeches will be focused on my own perspectives on the foregoing aspects of getting yours books published. I hope to see you all there and to guide you further on this journey, which I can indisputably say is an ultimately rewarding one - assuming it feels right to you..